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          The Town of Brigham, located in eastern Iowa County, Wisconsin is predominately a farming community. The town covers 60 miles of road - lying against the Town of Arena, Town of Ridgeway, Town of Blue Mounds, Town of Vermont, Town of Perry, and Town of Moscow with the Village of Barneveld lying in the center of the town.  A population of approximately 1066 enjoys the rural atmosphere, with its gently rolling topography. We are served by three different school districts, four post offices, and one fire department and ambulance service. We encourage Brigham residents and visitors to explore our web site. Please send your comments to audrey@brighamtown.com as we are always looking for more ways to make this useful. Thank you for visiting us on the web! 




DOG LICENSES ARE DUE !!  If dog is neutered/spayed - fee is $5
If the dog is NOT neutered or spayed - fee is $10
NEWS RELEASE from Iowa County Administrator:


On February 24, 2018, a special workshop, Starting a Rural Small Business, is being offered at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. This one-day workshop is designed for individuals who are considering starting, or have recently started, a rural small business.

The workshop will run from 8:30 – 3:30 p.m. and will cover a variety of topics that will assist an entrepreneur in answering important questions and identifying key resources to make their business successful, in the rural Driftless region. Topics will include: business planning, legal business structures, accounting, taxes, record keeping, employees & contractors, marketing, advertising, and customer service.

Rick Kettner, the course instructor, retired to the Kickapoo Valley in 2008. Prior to his retirement, he worked with over a hundred businesses, as a small business consultant for the Wisconsin Technical College system and a small business specialist for the Milwaukee Enterprise Center.

Experts and experienced business owners will share their personal stories and assist attendees in avoiding some of the obstacles every new business encounters. There will be time to network with other attendees and local resources that can help individuals taking that first step into entrepreneurship.

Luke Zahm, owner of Driftless Café, will end the day with his own experience purchasing a small Viroqua restaurant and building it into a regional destination.  

The cost of the workshop is $15 and lunch is provided. This workshop is organized by the Kickapoo Valley Association and sponsored by the Vernon County Tourism, Promotion and Economic Development Committee. Preregistration is required by Wednesday, February 21st by calling the Kickapoo Valley Reserve at (608) 625-2960.


Inter-Municipal Energy Planning Committee Report

Stop CHC/Harnessing Our Local Energy Futures

FRIDAY, MARCH 2 Dodgeville, Wisconsin 1 pm - 8:30 pm

Panel 1     1:00 to 2:15 pm

Meeting Our Priorities with Household and Local Solutions

Michael McDermott

Welcome and introduction to the event. As a semi-retired physician, author, activist, co-founder of the Black Earth Institute, McDermott is facilitating an array of citizen and local government responses in his ommunity.

Bill Powers

With more than 30 years of experience in energy and environmental engineering including strategic energy plans for major US cities and states, Powers will explain how No Wire alternatives he has presented before public utility commissions in Wisconsin, Missouri and California are able to exceed all economic, reliability and environmental benefits that utilities claim for expansion transmission lines like Cardinal Hickory Creek.

Melissa Davis

Can an ambitious volunteer engage in-kind community assets and realize energy savings shattering those of leading state energy efficiency programs? Melissa accomplished this as the mastermind and Managing Director of New Power Tour/HEET based in her utility in Houghton, MI.

Gary Radloff

Recently retired UW-Madison researcher and Director of Midwest Energy Policy Analysis for the Wisconsin Energy Institute will discuss the potential of energy efficiency, load management and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Wisconsin’s future as alternatives to enlarging utility-scale infrastructure.

Panel 2    2:20 to 3:50 pm

Shortfalls in HVT Review Process and Busting Utility Myths

Sondy Pope

As Wisconsin State Representative for District 80, outspoken advocate of energy efficiency and onservation, Pope will be the moderator of this panel.

Bill Powers

From experiences of developing No Wire alternatives for two MISO-recommended expansion transmission lines (Badger-Coulee and Mark Twain) and other contrasting transmission proposals, Bill will address the unique challenges and advantages he anticipates with the Cardinal Hickory Creek proposal.

Frank Jablonski

As legal counsel for the Town of Holland, Frank will describe the basis of the on-going appeal of the Badger-Coulee transmission line, and discuss possible implications for opponents of Cardinal Hickory Creek and strategies to help overcome shortfalls in the review process and in appeal should one become necessary.

Keryn Newman

From her roles assisting transmission opposition efforts in many states, Keryn Newman will shed light on how the regulatory process is created by and for utilities and how citizens can employ ‘out of the box’ techniques to make utilities play in the opposition's sandbox. She will also discuss common, misleading utility claims,

Ross Astoria

Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin at Parkside and Chair of the board of the directors of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Ross will discuss New York efforts to develop non-wire alternatives and transition to a distributed, low-carbon grid in relation to the

Cardinal Hickory Creek proposal.  v14

Panel 3    4:00 - 5:30 pm

Confronting the Harmful Land and Economic Impacts of Transmission Expansion

Marilyn Pedretti

As town clerk and off-grid energy advocate in the Town of Holland located north of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Marilyn will describe economic and other negative impacts from the presence of two, 345 kV expansion transmission lines in her community. Through steadfast appeal of the PSC’s approval of the most recent Badger-Coulee line and other energy improvements, the Town of Holland provides an inspiring example of local efforts to restore land owner and electric customer accountability throughout Wisconsin.

Dave Clutter

Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience as a conservation professional, Driftless Area Land Conservancy Executive Director David Clutter will provide an overview of the area’s unique lands and waters, and plans for residents to respond to the Environmental Impact Statement (natural, cultural and economic impacts) for the Cardinal Hickory Creek transmission proposal.

Jon Greendeer

From personal experience of Wisconsin’s first ,345 kV expansion transmission line, Arrowhead-Weston, and as former Ho-Chunk Nation president. Maasusga (White Feather) will discuss concerns about the proposed Cardinal Hickory Creek high capacity transmission line that would impact tribal assets.

Lila Zastrow

As a certified arborist and owner of an off-grid property severely impacted by the Bay Lake 345 kV line and multiple 138 kV transmission lines near Appleton, WI, Lila will describe increasing utility intrusions on corridor habitats and lower-cost, habitat compatible, federally approved vegetation management practices that utilities in Wisconsin are currently allowed to ignore.

Mary Mauch

As Executive Director of the Illinois Landowner’s Alliance and Co-founder of Block RICL, Mary will describe organizing and outreach techniques with citizens and elected officials which proved effective in stopping the Rock Island Clean Line in Illinois, and other merchant lines in Missouri and Iowa, that sought to use eminent domain to take private property for transmission expansion.

Networking and Food    5:30 – 6:30 pm

Keynote Speakers    6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Introduction by Pat Raimer

The Village of Montfort, population 700, would house a city-scale, 345 kV substation prone to attract additional expansion transmission lines. Pat is one of many, informed, energy conscious local government officials concerned about backward goals and impacts of Cardinal Hickory Creek.


Bill Powers   Powers Engineering, San Diego, CA

Local-Based Energy Futures and the Obstacle of Transmission Expansion

More credentials, above.

Dave Clutter   Driftless Area Land Conservancy, Dodgeville, WI

Protecting the Natural Habitats and Local Economies of the Driftless Area from Unnecessary Transmission Expansion

- Credentials above.

Keryn Newman  StopPATH WV, Shepherdstown, WV

Participation, Politics, and Public Opinion, As a long time anti-transmission expansion activist, Keryn Newman has been a crucial researcher and strategist in efforts leading to successful denials of expansion transmission line proposals in many states.  She will explain that utilities have a “playbook” for getting transmission projects approved and will share her  experiences of successfully opposing various transmission projects by using the utility’s own tactics.

First Questions

WI State Rep. Sondy Pope; Citizen’s Climate Lobby Board, Ross Astoria and La Crosse Tribune Energy Writer, Chris Hubbuch.